Monday, June 11, 2012

The Cutest Kids You'll Ever Meet...

These children are perfect. And I am not just saying that to be nice. They legitimately can do no wrong. From the time they wake up saying “hola” and offering kisses to the minute they fall asleep in your arms (or kicking and screaming) and bring them to their cribs they are solely angelic. 

 I haven’t blogged lately. We are always going! I really am trying to make the very most of my trip here. I am not excited to go back. That’s not true. I am so very excited to see my family and friends that I haven’t seen in months. But, I can’t even think about leaving without getting teary eyed.


Smiles in the morning. :)

 It will be hard to go back to the states. It will be weird to see people with such excess complaining about the most trivial things. It will be weird to be surrounded by white people. It will be weird to see babies with families, and know that thousands of miles away my babies are going without a goodnight kiss from a mom or dad. It will be weird knowing that there will be new “Chicas” to take my place and that I won’t even get to hand pick the replacements. I want to bring all the children back with me and give them loving families. I want to keep them all too, so I have a dilemma.

 I have never seen more well-behaved newborns or toddlers. In all honesty. And I have never seen cuter faces or smiles.

 One of my favorite things to do is to get on my hands and knees and chase them around outside. They think it is hilarious and I love their laughs. Occasionally one of them will turn and face me and run at me arms open wide and “tackle” me to the ground. I love throwing them in the air and seeing that shocked but ecstatic look on their face. I love spinning them in circles and watching their faces get bigger. I love dancing with them to music and watching their little bodies move to the beat. I love it when one of the boys when you are changing him, if you tell him to dance, he gets up on the changing table and shakes his bum in your face/out the window. It is absolutely priceless.

 The other day Soeur and the workers threw us a combined birthday party. Well, for Janessa, Colby, Leah and Karlee. I took one of the little boys on my lap and I shared my cake with him. And my coke. I’m going to be such a good mother. ;)

The two cutest faces EVER! :)

Such an angel. :)

 Anyway, I love them. I have never had my heart stolen so quickly or taken so completely. South America most definitely has a giant monopoly over my heart.

My heart... is in their tiny hands. 

open mouth kisses!

She's been adopted!! :)

STOP. Pajama Time.

Please… don’t make me leave.