Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair... again!!

I've been annoying everyone I know by talking about my haircut every second of every day... but, this post is about Kara AND Me!

Kara just got her hair cut... A bob cut! Here is a before and after:

This is Kara before the cut.


She is really hesitant about liking it and can't decide if she likes how it looks or not! She says it is too short... which makes me nervous to cut mine... AH!!

I think it's cute! But, her reaction is going to be somewhat similar to mine I feel like. For awhile I was all gung ho, on the pixie. And now seeing her panic about it being short... let all the butterflies back into my stomach. Help! :)

Another celebrity who went from long to short and total rocks it! ;) even got the man to prove it!!