Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best Friends.

Living at home this summer as made me realize, I have all I need right here.

"If home is where the heart is, then my home is where you are." -Relient K

My heart truly lies with my parents. And a little sliver of it is in Mendoza, Argentina. OK. A big sliver.

As much fun as it is to do stuff with friends. I don't need 100 friends to be happy. It has been the summer of my dreams in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways it has been the exact opposite. It depends on my mood. I am more often than not very happy here. But, as in most situations, my bad moods seem to overpower the good ones. Not bad moods. Bad moments. I don't know what I will do next summer. It's in the air. But, I have time. Thank goodness.

Anyway... I have 5 best friends. Their names are (in all honesty and not in that cheesy kinda way), Linda, Paul, Chase, Hayden and Blake.

I love my parents. I love my brothers. I think we really are unique in how close we are. And how well we all get along. But, I could be wrong. I have people who love me unconditionally and I know I love them like crazy. They are very much so, some of my best friends.

 I've blogged about my family before... so here are the most recent pictures.
I love him. I look up to him. My husband WILL be just like him. 
Call me a daddy's girl or whatever, but I love him. He is everything I want in a husband. He is kind, he is loving and he is easy to talk to. No one is quite like Paul Giler. NO ONE. I miss him terribly at school. don't voice it as much. But, I do. I know I am who I am today because of him. In more than one way. He is an excellent man, a wonderful father and a beautiful example.

I love my parents. Very dearly. I can tell them anything. I have no secrets or shame with them. I can fart in their bed, eat far too big of bites and tease them relentlessly. I can tell them every detail of my weekend activities and I can be far too honest with them. Something I KNOW very few of my friends can say. My parents are unique. I love them as parents. And I love them as friends.

However, my mom is my best friend. Through the thick and thin she is always there. I love you. We may not be twins. We may not be schoolyard pals. But, we are best friends. We are very much a like in our differences. She is wonderful and every bit the woman I aspire to be. I look up to her. I love everything about her. From her high heels to her "sermons" (life lesson seminars she has been known to give to her children), she is my mom. I am HER girl. Something no one else can say. :) Lucky huh?

The Giler's, together we make a family. :)

Nursery: Pill-free Birth Control, Disastrous Headache and Adventure.

Nursery is my "calling" in my home ward. Basically, it's my mom's. And I love spending time with her. She doesn't have much help and that's where I come in. I love my mom. And I love those kids. Today, Katie and I had to tackle TEN children all by ourselves. It was insane. The kids in attendance were:

Fiona Tanner: Basically world's cutest toddler. She is so animated and full of personality. I also had the pleasure of taking her to the bathroom today as she went "all by herself."
Skyler: The boy with no last name. I've asked many times, but he doesn't know it yet. He's 2. I want all of my children to be like him. Really. He's adorable, sweet and very kind. Not to mention he listens. Which is a rare characteristic in 2 year old boys. Funny story with him to come.
Nicholas Rory: I am pretty sure that's his last name. He's sweet too. Wild and crazy and full of energy. He doesn't like to sing and dance during singing time like most of the other kids. But, he is still very cute.
Lilia: I forget her last name. But, she is adorable. She normally is perched on my mom's lap with a firm grip on my mom's bracelets in one hand and a plastic hot dog in the other. She is extremely smart for just turning 2. We love quizzing her and being amazed at what she knows.
Koryn Beasley: She is very sweet. She is very smart. She's such a cute girl! She likes things to be kept in order and doesn't have time for rowdyness. Well, sometimes. Like today. When for the last 30 seconds of class everyone was full of energy so we all screamed. Me and Korynincluded. Ha it was refreshing.
Mike (Michael) Kroshaw: My buddy. He normally cries upon being left. And we normally hang out. His dad came to class today saying he was saying my name this whole week. Which of course I loved. Cause I love him! He is very quiet and sweet. He loves playing with cars if you can get him off your lap. What an angel.
Julia: Jeez. I can't remember anyone's last name today! She is wild and can hold her own with the boys. She loves hiding in the play fridge and enjoys locking others in there even more. She is nice and learning to be potty trained. "Poppy" means potty. :)
Sloan: She isn't there often. She is very nice. Very quiet and is very rarely involved in any of the scuffles.
Kaelyn: She's new. Ha. As of today. She's a runner. The door opens and she's gone. She escaped today. Twice. Once for snack time. And once as Sister Tufts was leaving. We didn't notice the first time when Sister Tufts left. But, for snack time and our trip outside, we were prepared.
Cailie Tufts: Is Sister Tufts daughter. They come in together. She cries when her mom leaves the room but, I don't know if she is old enough to be in nursery. Today one of the kids bonked her on the head and she cried. Welcome to Nursery Cailie.

Sister Tufts said to me today: "We talked this morning and we are putting together another nursery class and SOON." Thank you. I will be sad to see some of my kids gone, but I won't be there when they split them up. It's still sad though.

Anyway, we took the advantage, Katie and I of being alone in Nursery. And snapped some pictures. I wish I had taken a picture of ALL ten of the kids. But it was NEAR impossible.

Here are some quick pictures of Katie:

Enjoying the day. Haha

Lila wouldn't smile for any of the pictures.

With my mom gone, I made her sit on Katie's lap. Since
she is very much a lap baby, I couldn't have her on mine. I
was up and down keeping "order" in the room.

She is an angel.

Katie helped a lot with the kids. Lillia left early. Because there was so much going on. And Katie and I couldn't always hold her. So, she got tired of us like 20 minutes before church was over. Haha

Oh funny story! Fiona today told me she had to go to the bathroom at which Skyler announced he did too. Suddenly the WHOLE class had to go to the bathroom. Katie looked at me and I volunteered to be bathroom monitor. I took Skyler and Fiona and said I would take 2 at a time. Assuming they were they only 2 that ACTUALLY had to go and once they were gone the rest would forget. (It proved true).

We walked hand in hand to the bathroom. And I took Fiona into the first stall, got her on the toilet and told her to go and to call me when she was done. I then took Skyler into the next stall and proceeded to get him undressed. His belt was stuck, so by the time Fiona finished I was still struggling with Skyler. (Fiona did actually go, and wiped by herself. As well as flushed to her amusement.)

I was able to get Skyler undressed. I lifted the seat. It was stained yellow and he announced "Ew. It's dirtyyy!" I laughed and said, "Yes, it is. But, it's all we've got!" He just laughed and smiled. So, since he's a boy and boys stand I looked from him to the toilet laughing and wondering what to do... He eventually touched my arm and said "help?" So, I just decided to pick him up and sit him on the toilet (I pulled the seat back down first). He aimed and went to the bathroom like an old pro. I didn't know boys learned sitting down. So, there ya go. Mother in training I guess. :)

Everyday is something new. Here are the rest of the pictures:
Fiona, Mike, Me and Corrine.

Aren't they Angels?

Fiona is always cracking me up!

Julia :)

The cutest boy EVER! Skyler.
Sloan is in the background.

Corrine. Covering her face with a ladel?

The most photogenic child alive. Fiona.

They came and dog piled me. So, we snapped a picture. Fiona, Me, Corrine and Julia.

A very blurry picture of Sloan.

Me and the cute Corrine.

Kaelin's rear, Fiona and me. I dunno how or when this was taken?

My buddy Mike.

 Haha Gosh. What a happy guy! ;)

I do love these kids.

And that is Nursery. Wild and crazy. But, you can't help but love every second of it.

Another Sunday :)

I got to skype with Ana. Which was much needed.

This is kinda recap. As well as a combination of pictures. Combined with a couple thoughts. So, take a trip down my lane. :)

As I sit here and listen to basically my all time favorite band Holiday Parade, I just am thinking. Actually I read my friends blog. His name is Damon. I met him out at BYU. He was attending UVU and then transferred to BYU-I for spring. His most recent post was titled "Time Travels." To be read as a sentence. He made some interesting points and here are a few:

  • "Time is fun to think about. Time is one of those completely finite things in this life and it's always fleeting and doing exactly the opposite of what we want. If we want time to hurry up, it slowly ticks. If we want to stop time, we might as well just close our eyes and be in the future right away. We all have the same 24 hours to use daily, but it seems like everyone's time goes at a different speed."
  • "Also, time is so real and constantly burning. Somehow, it's completely imaginary. Without the invention of calendars and clocks, time would only be evident in aging. Time could be sped up and slowed down as we please, but the world probably wouldn't let us."
  • "I can use this time in different ways. I can either let this time psych me up or psych me out."
I know you didn't come to my blog to read his... but, he writes the things I think. He finds words for the things I try to. It's kinda weird. I love reading his blog. It is called Deep Thoughts and Cheap Shots... and he writes each blog and finishes with a deep thought and a cheap shot. It's serious mixed with funny. You go Damon. :)

Anyway, weird how time moves isn't it? One minute you are 13 years old in Middle School, time is irrelevant and you spend your days thinking about how you can't bear to have your best friends go to different high schools. "Oh the travesty!" And in a blink you're almost 20. Finished a year of college and trying to figure out your place in this world. 

Time is an interesting concept. It moves so slow in the moment. I often find this concept at work. I will check the clock... 2:15pm, serve some customers/save some lives look again 2:27pm. And I'll think to myself "I can NOT wait till this pool/ice cream place is closed." 9-10pm rolls around and I'm confused as to where my shift went. I do enjoy working. I love it. I love having something to do. I love having good friends to work with. I went out with a couple from the pool on Saturday. They are younger than me but, hey it's an invite to somewhere other than my playroom couch. 

"She Came Around" by Holiday Parade is on repeat at the moment. Gosh, this band is so good. I love songs about love. But, it seems that the majority of AMAZING love songs are written by men. Come on ladies, step it up. 

I'm old. Not like OLD old. But, old for me. Time can slow down. But, could it really speed up? I have so many questions. And a glimpse into my future would be much appreciated. But, I guess a future is built upon the things in the present. 

I just don't know what I need to be when I grow up. I say need to be. Because what I want to be... is being paid for being me. Like Oprah or Bill Gates. But, even they were something before they were taking showers in cash. And money really isn't important to me. I don't have to be wealthy, really. I just have to be stable. I have to have enough to make ends meet. And then enough to help others and buy something nice for me, my husband or my kids from time to time. 

Life is crazy. But, it's only a blip compared to everything else. I wish I could talk in depth with some of my good friends. But, religion is too big a part of my life. And it clashes. I want to talk about what I believe. Scream it on the rooftops sometimes. I want others to know. I want you to come to me with questions, not to the internet. 

Time is wild. Time is crazy. Time is unstoppable. Yet we live, breathe and move in time. We do what we need to do based on what a clock says. We show up, leave and do because of time. Time is always ticking. And that's scary to me. Because sometimes I want to just sit in Limbo. And take it all in. Take time to register. Anyway, that's all for now. I have 2 other blogs to publish tonight. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Wanted to Post

I haven't blogged much. I don't have much to say. I have 2 posts I am working on. Hopefully those will be out soon. I don't do much. I work a lot. This week has been hard. I need Jenna, Ana and Nikole. I have talked to each of them on the phone this week. And I miss them. I wish I could post more where friends are concerned. But, not today. I'm not emotionally ready for all of that.

A new post soon. I promise.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I changed the color for my blog. And the font. I have a lot to think about. And a lot to mull over. I talked to Sandie Lanier's niece about being an "army wife." It was eye opening. And I need some time to process and really think. But, I have awhile so no decisions need to be made. I have a new outlook that I am just preparing for the future... but, it's by no means planned out. I kinda have the attitude of "I'll go where you want me to go." For now. Which has always been my attitude. But, now with a lot less complaining.

Anyway. Purple is kinda my color. And I figured the blog needed to be renovated a little. :)

In the words of Smash Mouth " Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas...I need to get myself away from this place! I said yep what a concept,I could use a little fuel myself...And we could all use a little CHANGE."