Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Thinking Lately... Family. Oh and Growing Up.

I've been thinking lately... I really miss home.

I had a wonderful weekend in which I got to go to Ogden and spend time with my family and friends there. It felt good to be in a house again. A house that came with a mom, a dad (even though he was absent), a refrigerator with food that actually looked appetizing, a home cooked meal, a real bed and family.

I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss Hayden and Blake. I miss my Grandma. I miss my friends. I miss my bed. I miss my house. I miss my car. I miss coming home and talking to my mom about my day. I took a lot for granted and I made a resolution to stop doing that.

I am thankful for the things I have. I am especially thankful for the wonderful memories I have. I can't think of anything I wish would've played out differently. I can't think of any MAJOR decisions I would alter.

I miss my Dad. I miss him everyday. I know I don't call him as much as I should. But, I love him. I am forever thankful for his example. I am so grateful that I am able to be his only daughter. I know that I was blessed and me and my brothers are extremely lucky to have him as our father. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met. Hands down. I want my husband to be my dad. Not like that. I regret not calling him like I should've. I regret not being as nice as I should be. I regret not taking his help on homework with kindness, appreciation and respect. I miss him. I miss his hugs. I miss his dumb comments. Ok, not dumb. I miss his smile and his laugh. I miss seeing him walk into the kitchen after work, looking stunning as usual in his professional attire. I miss sitting by him in Sacrament and him putting his arm around me. I miss his example. I miss talking about really anything and the conversation never being awkward. I miss his forever long Sunday prayers.  I miss him. I think he is wonderful and I love him.

I miss my Mom. I call her almost everyday. And I am forever thankful for the friend, parent, mentor and guidance counselor she is to me.  I know that what I say to her stays with her, and I miss her a lot. I miss climbing on her bed late at night and talking with her. I miss her getting mad at me for making fun of her working out. I miss her talking with my friends. I miss going on car rides/errands with her just for the company.  I miss her incredibly awkward comments about kissing people. I miss seeing her when I talk to her. I miss yelling down the stairs to find out where she is. I miss answering the phone and people mistaking me for her. (An extremely generous compliment as I would have some pretty big shoes to fill). I miss going to find her glasses/purse as she sits on the computer. I miss making fun of some of her whacky clients. I miss her food. I miss sitting on the counter as she makes food. I miss her joking around with us except when we take it too far. I miss playing board games with her cheating/cocky self. I miss the fun times I have had with her and each of my brothers. I miss her genuine interest in my life. I miss her terribly. I miss everything from her designer sunglasses to her calendar with all our appointments to her banning us from food because we complain to coming home and immediately feeling loved by someone especially on the hardest of days.

I love my family. I love them all so very much. I really do. And the more I think about growing up the more I dread it. I have already moved out of my house and to a new state and I can't take much more I don't think. I have never been one to despise or fear change. I have semi-embraced the thrill of finding out who is in my class on the first day of school or the new and different.

But, I am not ready to leave for long periods of time. I miss everything too much. I was blessed beyond measure where family (especially parents) are concerned.

These weird emotional breakdown/catharsis things are getting annoying! (One every semester is too much!) In a way though, I love them. They make me realize what I have and keep me from taking everything for granted. Because I had the life. I have the life. But, I'm not ready to grow up. I need my parents. I need my brothers. This change is one I have mixed feelings about. I'm not sure what i'll do when the time comes to make that change. Probably cry some more. And then put my big girl panties and grow up.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basketball Mania!!

Basically, it's basketball season... and this year BYU is doing things right! Jimmer Fredette THE Nation's leading scorer, is leading our Cougars to victory! Going to the games is kind of a big deal now. They are so full of energy and people! Ha. Anyway, Mariss came up last night for the game against Colorado State. It was  much closer than it should've been but whatever, right? Anyway, I loved having her come up! Basically I just love her!

Mariss and Anthon before the game.

It may LOOK empty... but, it's not. 

OH. Did I mention these were also taken like an hour and
thirty minutes before the game?

Quinton (Will's roommate) and Will. 

Me and Will. 

The famous Jimmer Fredette
And the pink shoes.
I was not a fan. 
 After the game we met up with Chase and Jenna... and went to eat. The place was called Sammy's and it was a little hole in the wall place (QUITE literally). I thought the wall was cute so I took a picture of it!

Anthon, Mariss, Jenna and Chase.

 My "cool" photography. I thought it was cool I could take pictures of their reflection's in a napkin holder. I dunno. Small things amuse small minds I guess. :)

And to conclude this post I only thought it necessary that I include 3 more pictures. 

Just to show you how many people come! 

And finally. The picture that will be second ONLY to my wedding picture:
Me and Jimmer.

A Weekend of Pictures.

I don't have much to say about the weekend other than it was incredibly fun and laid-back. I was able to catch up on some reading (nothing pressing), complete my assignments, and have fun with my friends. It was good. We started the weekend out with a double date on Saturday. Me, Chase, Will and Nikole. 

We picked up Jenna after the date and the 5 of us went to see The Chronicles of Narnia movie. It was sadly disappointing.
I just thought it was cute. Too bad it's dark. But it's Will and Chase
having some conversation. ha

Sunday, we went to church, had a couple people over for dinner (Jenna's brother and his friend) and went to ward prayer. After which I went on a scavenger hunt with Anthon to find firewood for his date the next day. (Basically to his sister's to steal some ha) The rest of the night was filled with card games in our lobby. Oh and a reunion (Me, Nikole, Ashley and Jenna) of the old roommates and our tradition of Denny's at 12am Monday. For a VERY early breakfast!

Monday, Me Chase and Nikole went to the mall, had a quick snack, got my dress hemmed and then went to see Harry Potter 7... again. It was still JUST as good as it was the first time, maybe even better. Better than Narnia at least. Anyway, after that we all just kind of hung out... till Nikole got the BEST idea ever. Let me play with her baby sugar gliders. They are and will always be my obsession. Here are the awesome pictures!

The one I held was a boy. He looks really big, but in all honesty his body is no bigger than my hand! Adorable huh? Anyway, yesterday was really fun so expect another blog to be put up shortly. Probably later tonight. :) Ice skating class in like 5 minutes!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Temple, Sledding... oh and Bella, Bella, Bellatrix!!

Last night, Jenna wanted to go see The Princess Bride in the varsity theater on campus. It was playing for only a dollar! She went to class. I invited Ben, Luke, Skylar, Quinton and Will to come with us. Luke replied that instead he and Will were going to the Temple. I told him I was jealous and next time he was going to invite me! Well, he invited me to come with them and how could I not accept!

We walked to the Provo Temple and it was probably like 40-50 degrees I would guess.Feelin' so good we walked up to the doors. I wanted a picture, but a lot of people were filing in and I didn't want to waste anymore time! Ha

So, we went in and did our thing. It felt so good to finally be where I needed to be. One of my biggest regrets of my Freshman year is not taking the time to go more often, especially since I have one that is a 10 minute walk away!

I finally went and it just felt SO SO good. I was so happy. However, as we were walking out I saw Will waiting on me. I asked if Luke was still changing but he said nope! He's outside and he says it's snowing. Any state that goes from 55 and breezy to 20 something and snowing in a day... is WHACK.  But hey! I'm hardly a weatherman. ;)

Even in the snow the boys paused for a picture with me! :)
Luke and Ben. Two of my favorite boys at BYU!

Provo Temple. Pretty huh?!
After I got back Jenna and I deliberated going to the 9pm showing of the movie. When Anthon texted us saying he wanted to go sledding and to see if anyone else wanted to go. Well, guess what ended up going down?! Only the cool people got ready and went! We had so much fun!

 At the bottom of the hill there was a sidewalk and then more snow. You would book it down the hill hit the sidewalk and get THROWN feet off your sled! Ha it was a blast. Till I figured out that all you have to do is lift your butt a little right as you hit the side walk to stay on the sled. However, this was not foolproof because at one point Jenna and I went down on the 2 person sled. We hit the sidewalk and went another ten feet. As we got up we realized we had stayed wrapped around each other in the same position ditched the sled back at the sidewalk and sledded 10ft on our butts. It was too fun! I love sledding! It's like my favorite past time lately! Ha.

Anthon and Will.

On the car ride there!

I'm thinking this could be like a movie poster or a cover to an album or something.

All the other pictures from the night are on facebook.

Us and a bald will? Ha

Roommate picture! :)

Anyways as of now. MUCH better 2nd semester than first. OH! And yesterday 3 liters of water and Today 2.2... so far. ;)