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Sophia Lauren Giler

Well, somehow you've stumbled onto this most random of URL's. My blog is titled Sophie's Obligatory Blog for the sole reason that this was to be a way [my mom insisted I get one] to keep my mom "in the loop" while at college. 

I am an almost Senior at Brigham Young University studying Elementary Education. I love working with children, it is one of my passions. I can't decide if it is because they still have the potential to become anything they want and I want to help them discover that potential or if it's because they truly are life's best teachers. 

I enjoy life in general and rarely have anything to complain about. I love most anything. A couple of my favorite things are...
1. To be outside in the sun.
2. Reading a good book anywhere that I can.
3. Spending time with my wonderful family.
4. William Henderson Daybell.
5. Quito, Ecuador and the wonderful children and people I met there.
6. My cousins-- I love em!
7. Traveling. Exploring. And planning vacations.
8. Talking/dreaming about the future-- I'm a dreamer.
9. People. Talking to them. Watching them. People fascinate me. Especially their stories.
10. Church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes. I'm a Mormon. 
11. Random google searches. And sushi. And quotes.
12. Road trips. 
13. Singing in the car. 
14. Anything that involves the people I love most in this world. 
15. Life. Each new day.

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