Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Much Belated Valentine's Day Post...

I know it's almost March and Valentine's Day was like... 2 weeks ago. But, that is beside the point.

I got on and read Susan's blog about the cookies she had made and that quickly jogged my memory... I forgot to blog about... THE cupcakes.

These aren't your average cupcakes. Nan ordered "the pinkest icing you have" from the store. Not a tiny carton but, a giant tub. And I mean giant. It weighed easily 5-10 pounds. Anyway, it came and I was astounded. Nan asked Leslie and me to go ice the cupcakes for the Colloquium tomorrow.
*side note. Colloquium is like when a speaker from another school comes and gives a lecture on something to the graduate students and any physics professor who wants to join. We normally make lunch for all of them. It's every Wednesday.

Anyway, she asked us to ice the cupcakes that would be the dessert. I had the honor of opening up what the store had labeled "neon pink" icing.

It was neon. It stained my hand in seconds. It stained anyone's mouth who even thought about eating one. The pictures really don't capture just how BRIGHT this icing was. I tried really hard. But, it was just SO bright. I mean when you blinked or looked away you saw it's negative. It was so crazy!

I can't imagine how much food coloring went into the tub of icing. Or how many of those graduate students are going to be diabetic after eating one of those.

I took plenty of pictures. So... enjoy. :)

Oh. And Happy Late Valentines Day.

The Icing!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Los Angeles!

 This weekend Kara, Jenna and I took a road trip to California! We stayed with Kara's Aunt in a cute little area of Los Angeles. While having dinner one night they spotted some guy who is in a couple of movies... like "Cellular." I haven't seen it in ages, and he was no Ryan Gosling... so who knows? ;) But, we did see one of the girls from "How I Met Your Mother" walking her dog. That was pretty cool! We also go to go to Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, the LA Temple and other spots in the LA realm! Here is a very brief (there were 300+ pictures total) from our time on the West Coast!

(The first few are a little out of order... forgive me?!)
Santa Monica beach! Day one!
My short hair + beach/humidity do not mix. As you will soon find out!

Shopping in Larchmont Village. Just a little LA style for ya! ;)

Hello Kitty glasses?

An entirely different night! This is shopping on the 5th Street Promenade!

More LA trends?

Still day one... they go in order after this I promise! My mom's hero! :)

This is Thursday! On our way to California! 

You like these glasses? ;)

Art photo! :)

We took a picture with each state sign when we crossed! We have one with Orem... but, I didn't put it up!

Arizona! (Briefly)

Nevada... Home of Vegas... aka NEXT years trip!

Hangin' out in Vegas! I was sad we weren't here longer. SO cool!

California! In a windstorm. Haha

The beginning of day one! We are grabbing breakfast at a cute little shopping walk 2 blocks from Kara's Aunt's house!

That is the Hollywood sign behind us. Hah

Just me and Meryl Streep!

The Chinese Theatre!

I thought I looked cute. That's all. 

Santa Monica Pier!

Roommates! I love the Mountains surrounding the beach! Beautiful!!

Day 2. Hollywood sign. Close ups. 

At Venice Beach! It got cold really quick! Hence the hot chocolate!

Venice Beach

Handstand... 2012 Olympics here I come?

Venice Beach Sunset. 


Venice Beach street entertainer... Could be Jenna's brother ;)

Making weird faces... while shopping?

Day 3! LA Temple!!


Ignore the wind blown hair. 

LA Visitors Center. 

The drive home! We stopped in Vegas for a few hours to sightsee/eat!

In the Bellagio!


Rockin the fohawk! :)

We ate at Serendipity 3! The menu was huge... 

I matched the restaurant... yay?

More handstanding. This was just supposed to be a cute picture. 

We modeled as Kara set up a timer.. 

A timer for our roommate band pic! :)

More goofy faces. 

Saving Jenna. 

World Travelers?

Goofin' off. 

While Kara used the bathroom... I took senior Pics. 

Could we smile once in a while?! Jeez!


We changed in the Bellagio into more comfy clothes... 

And we finally made it home! :) 
It was a lot of fun. Like I said there are more pictures. Even some scenic ones. But, I was told by she who must not be named that no one likes scenic pictures! And then there are other cute ones on Kara's camera that I am getting shortly! :) Yay for vacation.