Monday, November 19, 2012

It’s been awhile…

It’s been an awful long time since I’ve updated my blog. This happens to be both painfully normal and abnormally unsatisfying. Allow me to explain:
1)     Normal- I never update my blog. Ok, never is too harsh of a word. I have a hard time of consistently updating my blog. Or maybe, I frequently do not update my blog. Yea, basically I struggle.
2)      Painfully- I want to blog. I really do. I think about good posting ideas. And then I even write posts in my head as I walk home/across campus. I just never put them in writing. Blogging time is so elusive that way.
3)      Unsatisfying- I want to blog. And then to have all these thoughts and discussions locked up in my head, it’s very disruptive. I mean think of it from my perspective. You have all these things you are thinking about saying and then never get them out because you’re too busy with school, work and everything else that claims your time. In the words of Mika “The things we left unsaid, are only taking space up in our head.” And some days, my head is very full.
4)      Abnormally- should one really be worried about not blogging? I would think not. But, who am I to make such a general assumption for a large population of half-bloggers (a group to which I belong).
I have nothing too notable happening. Well, except that I am feeling a sort of blog-arthis. or a blog catharsis. (Side note: I just looked up catharsis to make sure it really was the word I wanted to use… and I found that one of the definitions was cleansing or purging of the bowels… Totally using that from here on out.) Well, the definition was an emotional release brought about by an intense emotional experience. And that isn’t exactly the definition my 7th Grade English teacher taught us when we read the best-selling novel, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakower.
I did not have an intense emotional experience, like previously mentioned, but I do feel like I just want to put some things down in writing.
First: One word…
SUMMER. A word not typically shrouded in uneasiness. In fact in my previous years it’s been nothing but excitement. No school. Going home. Ecuador. Summer jobs. Did I mention no school? Anyway, this year it’s a little more complicated. I just have a lot of things happening. And I need a schedule. Not really until January… but, I am just the planning type. I love spontaneity. But, I like to have my feet under me while I’m running. If that makes any sense at all. (Side note: I am not uneasy for the much anticipated arrival of William Daybell. In fact I am quite the opposite. I can’t wait. In that aspect Summer 2013 can’t come soon enough.)
CANCER. My mom is officially cancer free. Raise the rough. Shout for joy. Or jump for it. Party like a rockstar. And any other phrase/ditty that seems appropriate for the situation. But, really. Holy cow. What a ride? I could not be any happier. And I am hoping with all of me that it remains gone. Or at least far far away… and never comes back. (Lion King, anyone?)
PEOPLE. Allow me to introduce some new people to the blogging sphere. I will most definitely be mentioning them in future posts. Emma. Jen. Kate. Jeff. Mason. Joe. Good friends. I hope to keep them around for a while.
MISSIONS. Aside from the obvious reason I might mention this… everyone is going. Not just boys but girls. And I mean everyone. I have had more invites to mission farewells than I did all freshman year. And that’s impressive because I was in TWO different wards. So, I got a lot of farewell invites. Don’t get me wrong, missions are awesome. In fact, missions are admirable. And wonderful and those who choose to serve have my utmost respect. It’s just, everyone is going.
MARRIAGE. If you’re not going on a mission… you’re engaged. Or newly married. Or having a baby. Again the institution of marriage is a wonderful blessed thing. But, when you’re not going on a mission, with no boyfriend (at least in the country) and everyone else is…
Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up. I have much to be thankful for. And I fear that this blog has sounded very petty, and annoying and ungrateful. But, I promise I am so thankful. So very very thankful.