Friday, July 12, 2013

Bout Time!

The title for this post refers to many facets of my life.

For example: its about time that I updated my blog.

And also...Will is home. I repeat... he's home. For those of you familiar with Facebook you've already seen the "elopement" picture, Times Square "kiss pic" and a variety of other acts of PDA.

Let's go ahead and get the elephant out of the room. I love him. It's been interesting having him home. At first everything felt surreal. Talking to him on the phone. Seeing him at the airport. Touring New York City. Attending a wedding. None of it seemed real. It was all too perfect to be "real-life". In fact, there were many times when we would be sitting talking and I would get a sinking feeling and start dreading the inevitable "waking up."

While Will was gone he was in many of my dreams. However, they all ended the same way... with a 6:30am alarm blaring in my ear. But, I'll tell ya what... Walt Disney knew what he was saying when he said:

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Reality is better than any one of those dreams. I wish I could say all this without sounding cheesy and mushy. I hope this isn't uncomfortable. But, for those who were with me for the past 2 years... it was worth it. 

OK. Anyway, couple of funny anecdotes and we'll be on our way. 

I landed at 9am in Washington, D.C. I got off the plane. I had an anxiety attack. I have never experienced that much anticipation, excitement and nervousness EVER. And I mean in my whole life. My heart was racing like I had just pounded 32oz of coffee and 7 red bulls in one sitting. My stomach was a wreck. I needed some serious medication. All of that disappeared the moment I saw him. Nothing else in the world mattered because... he was home!

We had dinner with our families and I was so thrilled to see my parents, Hayden and Grandma. It was a weekend from heaven! He gave a wonderful homecoming talk, we enjoyed a delicious dinner with his parents and some family friends and a fun car ride back to NYC with his parents. We spent the next couple of days exploring NYC and exchanging stories. He flew out to Utah later that week and we went to our friend's wedding. I love spending time with him. I love just talking and holding his hand. I love his smile and that cute giggle/high pitched laugh he has. I can't remember a happier time than when I am with him.

Anyway, so we also went on vacation with his family. Have I mentioned how much I love them too? I know in previous blogs I hinted at it (in an attempt to not seem too creepy) but, I guess I can now openly say it. I had a blast. Whether it was with his parents, siblings or nieces/nephews I loved it all. It really was so much fun. All of it. I love being with them. His parents are coming in August and I can't wait to see them!

There was one mildly embarrassing moment, however. We were playing a charades type game. His sister-in-law was up for the girls team. She pointed to me and Will and said... "you two are going to..." I immediately knew the answer or at least what she was hinting at. I thought of all the things I could say to make everyone feel super uncomfortable... like go to hot tub and kiss all night. Or finish shaving our backs later tonight. You know something mildly creepy. But, instead I went with the truth. I shouted "get married!" I got it right and she continued on. Will said it was cute. After the fact I was like... remember how I am THAT girl. Why? Anyway, I lived through it. And hey... nothing wrong with wishful thinking... right?

Long story short. He's home. I love him. I love his family. I love my family. I keep waiting for the initial... "love drunk" to wear off. I mean you can't really love a person that much all the time right? It's got to fade away at some point. Between the kissing pictures, walking to campus at 8am together and just driving around in my car, it never fades. I love him and that is the beginning and end of everything.

Picture OVERLOAD! (In no particular order)

4th of July Parade

On top of the Stratosphere!

The "elopement" picture!

A side trip to Paris!

Emma giving me a pedicure. 

Obviously sad to leave. 

What Will's "vacation" consisted of

Kelani, Me, Nan and our toothless friend.

Emma and I playing Pitreeka (Pictureka) in her fort. 

Kiss the cooks?

Hannah and Will. :)

Will, Me and Mallory (Will's Sister-in-law)

The result of having 3 brothers...

Anyway, ask me if I love him. Yes. Yes. And yes.