Thursday, September 15, 2011

You May Call Me,,,

Some call me Susan Boyle (because of my amazing singing), to others I'm Angelina Jolie (because of my obvious beauty) and to the rest of the world I'm Oprah (because I'm inexplicably wealthy, smart and good at everything I do).

BUT! To you, my avid readers, today you may call me Julia Child.

I'm guessing a few of you are staring at your computer in disbelief. This strange, little white girl from Charlotte, North Carolina could NEVER be compared to the Rachael Ray, Gordon Ramesey and much less Julia Child.

To those (few) skeptics I say... off with your head! Or... off with mine... as this post will probably embarrass me but, also allow me to take my place among the greats. For they too, were doubted by onlookers.

Today, I was hungry. I have little food. Mostly because I don't really know what to go to the grocery store to buy. So, I survive off sandwiches, pasta, cereal and other prepackaged delights. I was tired of all of that. My heart craved in n' out. But, my wallet put it's foot down and said "NO." So, I set off to take inventory.

I looked in my fridge. Most everything was getting close to empty. BUT! I had a dozen eggs. And what is better than eggs? Well, a lot. Anyway, I thought to myself... where's that "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook I have tucked away.

Luckily it was on my shelf of books. Tragically... cooking has never been a joy.

I found the section that said eggs. Now eggs for lunch was a foreign concept to me. Unless you cook them in top ramen. Which I have none of. It's too unhealthy. Right?

However, I stumbled across a recipe titled: Eggs in Poached Soup.

Poached soup? I read it wrong the first time. But, fortunately in a desire to discover what exactly poached soup was... I looked at the ingredients.

That's when everything changed. It called for eggs and tomato soup. Both ingredients I had. I was sold. Except for the poached part.

Eggs Poached in Soup:

"The following recipe makes a good, attractive, light meal - Prepared in a few minutes. Combine in a 8-inch skillet and heat to the boiling point over low heat:
  • 1 Can of tomato soup: 10 1/2 oz.
Diluted with:
  • 1/2 cup of water.

  • 1/2 tsp of dried basil
  • 1/4 tsp sugar
Reduce the heat and keep the liquid  below the boiling point. Add to the soup:
  • 4 eggs
Simmer 4 to 5 minutes or until the eggs firm up. Serve the eggs on...
  • rounds of toast
Covered with the soup. Sprinkle them with
  • chopped parsley
Easy enough right? 

Well, I had the skillet already on the stove. I was heating it to start with my eggs. I was planning on scrambling them.. Well, I thought to myself... I'm pretty sure that's a skillet? I thought it was a frying pan, but I think they are about the same thing. So, I took out my trusty iphone and googled skillet. Sure enough what I had heating up on the stove was in fact a skillet.

I got my can opened. And I took out 2 eggs. I began pouring my soup onto the skillet. Well, the stove was on and the pan was hot (not medium heat) and the soup began to steam and burn and scream and all kinds of stuff. Freaking out, I abandoned the recipe. I quickly poured in my 1/2 cup of water, turned the stove off and moved my skillet to another burner.

I turned that burner to medium heat and began stirring frantically in an attempt to combine the soup and the water to one consistency. It worked! And then I remembered the sugar. I couldn't find any small measuring spoons... so I did a pinch. I figured in a recipe like this less is best. So, I didn't use a lot.

It suddenly dawned on me I had NO basil. Garlic salt is a good alternative right? I put a little dash of that... it quickly solidified.  So, then I spent the next couple of minutes trying to chop little pieces of it up and make it dissolve!

Once all the excitement was over and the soup was "one" and it was finally boiling, I cracked my egg. Well, not one for poached eggs and being an expert at adding eggs to ramen, I used the same principle. I left the soup slightly boiling and added my egg all while stirring to make sure that the yolk did not solidify and that the egg cooked (like it looks in egg drop soup). It worked. And I decided that one egg was in fact, enough. I put the other egg away. Took my soup off the stove. And poured it into a bowl.

I almost forgot the most traumatic part of the story. Haha the whole story is traumatic right? Well, burned nasty chunks that looked a little like chunks of blood... were tainting my soup. So, I spent time scooping those out. It was an experience. And I was on the verge of nausea the whole time.

Wallah. I was done.
My beautiful lunch. Water, salt, crackers and soup. My communications book is underneath my joy of cooking. Studious as always.  

I was unable to remove all the chunks and was forced to eat around them.

The Recipe of life.

Soon to be my new favorite book.

My artsy picture. Cheese for some more taste. And also... to make it look more appetizing.
The soup seemed to be evaporating as it cooled off. A most peculiar thing... As every time I looked over at it (I was doing the dishes while my piping hot soup cooled off) it was getting lower in the bowl. I came up with 3 explanations:
  1. It was evaporating. 
  2. The ancient Greek gods must've thought it looked appetizing and thought I was offering burnt sacrifice. (My comparative literature class must be getting to me). 
  3. My hunger was causing me to hallucinate. 
Anyway, it wasn't so bad. It wasn't delicious. But, it was good. It was college food. It was well worth the calories... maybe not.

But, it was lunch. And for the day... I AM JULIA CHILD! So, address me as such.

Dear Mom,

You were right. I need to learn to cook. And you are far superior than I. I also need to eat more meat. So maybe, I'll call you soon and we can work out a grocery list. You're the best.


The only thing missing was my cooking partner... Nikole. Everything goes better and tastes better with her around!

That is all.


Julia Child.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Couple Things...

Tuesday evening Ana and I were able to go to the Temple and take part in some of the sacred ordinances there. It was such a much needed escape from the world. It was one of the most inspiring times that I have ever gone. The spirit was so strong and I just felt peace and at ease. It was like I was finally able to come to grips with where I was in my life.

I feel like my testimony is something that I don't share often enough. I didn't share it this past Sunday, but, I felt like maybe I should here. It is after all something that people I care very dearly about read and comment on.

Provo Temple. I took this last year. 

I know that my Savior lives. I know that He loves me. I know that this world was created by a loving Heavenly Father. I know that his wisdom is infinite and that he knows me and each of us by name. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. That it too, is inspired scripture and the word of God. I know that the Bible is the word of God. And that together it and the Book of Mormon serve as a testimony and witness of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I believe that God is the same today, tomorrow and forever and that he is unchanging. It is because of this belief that I know that he still cares about each of us and speaks to us today. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and that he did see Christ and the Father. That this is the true Church on the Earth today and that it is designed after the church Christ set up while he was on this Earth. I know that President Monson is an inspired man of God, namely that he is a prophet, seer and a revelator and that he leads and guides this church under the direction of our Father in Heaven. I know that my Savior and my Heavenly Father know me by name. I know that I am a Child of God. And I know that that knowledge entitles me to commune with my Father in prayer. I know that my Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers. I know that families are forever. I know that they are an eternal unit. I know that there is life after death and that our growth and progression continues on in the next life. I know that the leaders of this church are called of God. I know that there is a plan for me, and for each of us if we live righteously. I know that Christ died on the cross for our us. And that he atoned for each of our sins. I know that he was resurrected and was an example in all things. I know that He is always there and wants each of us to return to live with Him. I know who I am. I know God's plan. And I follow Him in faith. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I know that often people confuse faith with blind obedience. I know that as the world changes and it's idea of right and wrong is redefined that the Gospel is constant. That the programs and policies may change but, that the doctrine never will.

I heard a quote in Sacrament meeting on Sunday that I loved.

"As long as we are living righteously, bad things will happen to us, but the wrong thing NEVER will." I am a firm believer in that. How true and inspiring that is.

I hope that I am always a proper example of what the church believes in. I hope that I can always be found as a witness of God, in all times, in all things and in all places. I am beyond thankful for my beliefs and my upbringing and the joy and meaning the gospel brings to my life.

For a beautiful talk on Grace watch the link below. (You may have to create a BYUTV account. It's free. After that, you can just type in the search bar "Brad Wilcox" it's his devotional given on 7/12/11. It is about 30 minutes. And really very interesting. For members and nonmembers alike.)

The Bountiful Temple. The Temple I want to be married in!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Friends...

As of late new friends have become old friends and random strangers have become new friends. And old friends have become older friends? But, the best thing about all of that is that they are all friends. New, old and older. :) And I am lucky to have them!

Chase is an RA this year and so we kinda hang out at his dorm the most. Partly because he has cute, fun roommates and partly because it's in the middle of where we all live.

Just a couple of our new friends are:
  1. (she's old... but new to this area/group) Genevieve Gantt. Aka my cousin. And I love her to death. Goodness I could go off on how much I love that girl.
  2. Taylor Matherly: New to me... old to Jenna and Chase. He did summer sales with them. 
  3. Austin Christensen: One of Chase's roommates. 
  4. Kirk Bassett: One of Chase's roommates.
  5. Eric Anderson: Another RA. Over... Fugal hall.
  6. Tanner Preece: One of Chase's "residents"
  7. Greg Andrus: One of Chase's roommates. Hilarious. 
  8. Any of Genevieve's wild friends she brings over with her. 
All in all.. I think this is the first time I can say that there have been more guys in our group than girls. :)

Anyway, we had a fun weekend with that group... taking walks, going to the park, getting slurpies, going to a movie, going out to eat or just sitting around and talking. It's been fun though. Here are some park pictures... Only Eric and Austin are in them though. 

For those of you with Facebook... all of them are up there.
Me and Ana. Allowing the boys to have "guy" time.

Chase... Hanging upside down?

Eric and Chase.

Again... us. ha

Chase on his Razor!

Chase and Austin... attempting to hang upside down by his feet.

Chase and Ana.

Eric, Me, Austin.

We can all see who has the most muscle here... clearly me. ;)