Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good Morning!

SO... These pictures were all taken this morning. I know it is now almost midnight and I am posting this instead of homework. But, I have wanted to blog all day. I have been thinking a lot about the little things that make life bearable. All too often we overlook the simple things. Like those extra five minutes of sleep before your alarm goes off or the way your bed feels after a long day of work.

Today was a good morning. I woke up. I was tired. I was running late. I got dressed in a hurry. Fixed my hair in a hurry. By the time I was out the door I was late. Late for my 8am job. Sounds pretty bad, right?


I called to let my boss know I was going to be 5-7 minutes late. The phone rings. Alex answers. My boss isn't there yet either. Score. 

Late again. Great. There goes that $0.30 I was going to make. Except that as I clocked in I noticed something. I was warm. The office was actually warm. (Side note: it's always about 50 degrees in the office. Although it feels like 30.) So, I celebrated. With pictures, naturally. 

Anyway, here's to mornings that go great in spite of the odds. Good mornings make for good days. And good days are what life is all about. 


I know. I know. Not my "cutest outfit award" day. But, hey I was rushed.
We should all be happy I'm in clothes that match. Let alone the fact that
I am wearing a necklace. And a watch. 


  1. You look really cute and if this is the result of a quick, hurried morning then you look super cute! But, is this what you get paid to do, take pictures of yourself, can I work there!!! (well, I don't want to take pictures of myself but I would take them of you:)!)

  2. Totally agree with your cute mom...I just got my laptop up and running for my all day long trip to...guess where?! Your home town! And, what am I doing instead of working...catching up on some long overdue blog reading...(well, that could take me all day!) I hope to catch up.

    Glad your morning went well and the day is off to a good, cute. stylin' start!