Saturday, June 22, 2013

Up Till Now.

Up till now the past two years have gone by and William has been a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Up till now the only contact we had was through letters, emails and a skype conversation that his family so graciously shared with me on Christmas and Mother's day.

Up till now my emotions were stable (most of the time), my head was clear and my stomach was settled and fine (for those of you who REALLY know me, you know that might be only partially true ;) ).

I don't really know how to put into words what I want to say. The past two years have been a whirlwind of emotion. They dragged by, they really did. But, nothing dragged more than the days that lead up to his homecoming and now my flight to see him. I'll recount a couple of key adventures.

Adventure 1: His homecoming. William flew in around 11am to NYC. Which meant it was 9am my time. I was getting ready to have a day filled with 3 exams. Yes, 3 exams. I took the first and couldn't focus to save my life. Was he here? Was he safe? What did he look like? Would his parents send a picture? Was he happy? How did he react? Would he be able to talk to me? And thus, test number 1 went a little worse than planned. The following two were relatively easier as they were more of presentations and products than actual testing center tests. So, that's good.

Adventure 2: I call this clothes picking out. In short I couldn't decide what to wear. Nothing fit me right. Nothing looked good. I was short with my patient and helpful mother. I apologized later for that. I went to bed frustrated  but, I woke up and went to work anyway. At work I was texting my mom and Emma while deciding what outfit would be best. ALL DAY my stomach was in knots. Butterflies. I couldn't focus on ANYTHING. My boss realized that and called me out on it. I watched the clock. The clock never seemed to move. Was he anxious to see me? What was he doing? What was he thinking? What was he saying? When would I get to talk to him? Was he almost released?

Adventure 3: Flight issues. Long story short... I am on a red-eye to Dulles Airport in DC. I booked the flight for 12:30am Friday. Alls well right? Well... when I went to do my early check-in today at work that flight was missing. In case anyone else was confused... I missed my flight. 12:30am on Friday was the night before. Duh? My mistake I guess. Anyway, I got on the phone. The first attendant was kind of not the nicest and told me that to fly out would cost me $500-1,000. This was a big problem for a few reasons: I was so excited to see him, I couldn't pay that much for a ticket, my stomach went from excited to dread, and I have a return flight from NYC on Tuesday. When I was connected to a supervisor she immediately offered to help. Tender mercy? I think yes. She waived all fees and got me on a flight that got me to DC at 9am as I had planned. Moral of the story: Delta needs to use military time for late flights and I love the lady from Delta. I was ready to bring her dinner (she said she was in Salt Lake), babysit her kids or do just about anything she needed me to by the end of things.

For the past few weeks I have had a couple of mixed emotions. Nervousness: what would he be like? Had he changed more than I was able to notice? Would he still love me as much as he said he did? I knew I loved him! Did he know that about me? What would it be like when I first see him?
Anxious: I was so ready to see him. I couldn't wait. The days could not go by fast enough. I felt bad wishing them away, but not bad enough to stop. I was ready to be done with class, see his handsome face and hear his laugh! Excitement: kind of like anxious right? Basically I love him. And I was BEYOND ready for him to be home.

Oh, Adventure 4: His first call. I didn't know who was calling at first.. It was a NJ number. So, I didn't jump to answer it. When he called our conversation went like this:
Me: Hi?
Him: Hi!
Me: Hello.
Him: Who is this?
Me: Sophie? Who is this?
Him: Do you really not recognize my voice?
Me: N..YES! Oh my gosh!
Followed by me going into love-shock and him carrying the conversation. I was wondering who was supposed to be the "weird" one in all of this. And, that title quickly became mine.

Anyway, we talked on the phone tonight for 1.5 hours. Cloud nine. Instantly. Conversation flowed. He talked honestly and openly with me and I was so excited to give him a big hug the whole time we talked. I still am. The butterflies are still there. But, so is this cheesy grin. I am so excited. I cannot wait. Now remembering when he left feels like it was forever ago but, also went by so fast. I can't believe I am finally on a plane to see him. A day we only talked about. A day I thought would never come. And I am so ready.

Up till now I heard the questions: "You're really going to wait for him?"; "Will it be worth your time?"; "Is he really worth the wait?"

My answer was and remains the same... ALWAYS.


And just because I thought I would humor you... This video was a long time coming and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


  1. I could write my on blog, titled, "waiting, waiting and more waiting with my daughter for her missionary!" But, I love reading yours so much more.

    Have I held my breath, yes. Have I prayed endlessly for you, for him, yes. Have I occasionally wished time away, for you, yes. Has my heart hurt for you, yes. Do I think he has been worth it, yes!

    I must admit I am a little bit jealous that I am not in the Dulles airport, hiding behind the luggage rack, to see your unbelievably happy face when you give him the biggest hug, ever. You are my heart, and I know that yours now belongs to someone else.

    I love you dearly and hope that the future is all that you want it to be.

  2. How lucky is Will !!
    How lucky are you Sophia to know your heart so well.
    I actually don't believe in luck.
    I believe that unless we need to learn a lesson about ourselves through a trial, that we are constantly and consistently being blessed by a loving Heavenly Father whose work is to see us happy. So enjoy the blessing of loving and being loved by a really great guy. I love you tons !! Aunt Glenda :)

  3. At the expense of sounding like a copy cat (might the result of Aunt Glenda and I spending a lot of time together). After watching your sweet airport reunion and reading your blog I thought "Will is a lucky guy" but then I realized that if Sophie thought he was worth waiting for then "Sophie is lucky too". I do believe in luck to the degree that sometimes people are lucky. You and Will are lucky to have found the one person you don't want to live without so soon in your lives. And blessed to have shown that your love can stand the test of time, 2 years is a LONG time (18 days and counting). So remember that when you have other tests; your love can last through anything you face together. I'm so happy for both of you. I love you sweetie!! Aunt Sharon