Sunday, June 2, 2013

Well This is Awkward...

So... Me and Mariss didn't end up going running at 6:30am. 

Instead... we slept. 

BUT in our defense we went running again that evening. We are running buddies now and I love every second of it. 

So for those of you who actually read and check in on me (Mom, Susan, Aunt B and Emma) sorry I lied. The alarm went off. We texted about it and agreed on a more rationale time. 

Anyway. Yay for running. When I get the money I need to get new shoes. Oh the life of a poor college student.

Just a couple of runnin' fools. 


  1. Getting up to go to the gym in the morning is maybe one of the greater struggles in life.

  2. You girls look super cute! Keep it up and no running at 6:30am, that goes totally against everything I believe!!!

  3. ...6:10 am is the only running time in my book. But count me out of running, eliptical and minor weights for me! Power walking is also on my list of approved workouts!

    You both look too cute! As for me, somehow I don't have the same results...