Monday, March 28, 2011

Festival of Colors... Flowers and Other F Words! :)

The Festival of Colors!! What to say about it? It was way Fun! I had a blast. It really is such a random thing to do. But, it's kind of really cool.

Basically For Holi Krishna (It is a Hindu holiday), they celebrate with a Festival of Colors. You buy the chalk (2 dollars a bag) in a variety of colors. They have various "throwings" throughout the day. Every 2 hours to be exact. We drove up and got there around 2, we stayed until about 4. At 2 we were walking up to the Temple, on this pathway and were immediately bombarded with color From the people leaving.
The Lotus Temple in Spanish Fork!

Kar, Mariss and Me... Before we had even opened our bag to begin throwing!

:) Making our way through the crowd!
Mariss, Chase and Will
So, little did we know we would soon be splashed with millions of colors! As you go through the pictures notice how the top level of chalk, the color of it is constantly changing! Pretty cool! It is the only holiday you can openly walk up to someone random and throw chalk in their Face. I had a blast. It was so Fun and I can't think of a better group of people to go with! (Me, Chase, Will, Mariss, Karlie, Nikole and Jenna. And Nikole's Friend Stuart!)


Me, Mariss, Kar and Will

Chase, Nikole and Jenna

Mariss, Me and Kar

Note the color change?!

The boys!
Chase, Will and Stuart!

Me and Kar.
I look kinda naked huh?!

The Girls!!

Chase and Mariss. :)

Those are the ones before and during the Festival! It was exciting we were even there For the "burning of the witch." I guess they burn a Fake witch because she is the reason For the Festival? Who knows really? I just like throwing the chalk!!

Our car!!
Random boy, Chase, Kar, Mariss, Me and Will! 

Me and Will. We look so strange. 
Needless to say... our clothes, well our white t-shirts are permanently pink. Well worth it though. :)

Last week... I came home after lifeguarding. I had had a pretty decent day. But, had a lot on my mind. I am having a rough time in school this semester. Stats has really put a downer on my whole attitude. It makes me Feel so dumb after walking out of every class. And I hate it. Not to mention the class I thought I would enjoy (American Heritage) is going well. I am learning the material. But, there is SO much covered, no study guide and no review. Basically no way to know what exactly to study. I have been down a lot because of school. But, Will has been a good anchor and influence.

I try to keep it inside, my Frustrations with school I mean. Because, I know even with the studying I will be doing For Finals, I won't have the grades I had anticipated. And certainly not the grades that I think I deserve. I try hard. But, my GPA and grades will not reflect that. Which is probably what is most frustrating. I don't know. Ugh. But, no one really knows or knew about any of that because I don't really like to complain and make it seem like my life is so hard because there is much worse happening around the world. And I have it amazing compared to 99% of the world. I should be happy.

But, I came home From lifeguarding to Find:

Sitting on my bed with one of the nicest notes I have ever read. You can guess they were From Will. He is such a sweet guy and I am very lucky to have met him. 

So we have the Festival of colors and Flowers. For the final F word... We have Fun! Fun is not the right word. Ha. Jealous is more of the right word. Or envious. Ariana, my roommate, flew home with her boyfriend this weekend. After hearing about how much Fun she had and how good it was to go home and just be with Family... I was insanely jealous! I wish that was possible For me too. But, such is life I guess. Anyway, I have things to do! Lifeguarding was way good today. We learned a lot. Will came and walked home with me and we ate dinner at Panda Express. After spending 4 hours in the water of non-stop swimming I was starving! Now, onto working on things that need to get done. Love you. 

:) Notice how I capitalized all the "F" words in this? Clever?! I thought so... 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoons...

Today was a good day. I went to church. Wrote a paper. Took a nap. Went to break the  fast. Talked to my mom. Got visit taught. Went on a nice walk. Followed by ward prayer. Wrote an email. And am now writing my blog. After which I hopefully will study some stats!

Basically, I love Sundays. I love relaxing and just being able to have NO where to go. To have time to get things done, to rest and to just spend time with people. It's way nice. 

I'm super nervous about finals. I'm super nervous about my exam on Wed. for lifeguarding. I am crazy nervous for my test in stats this week. I don't want to do poorly. I have studied and done all the homework. But, me and math don't click. I didn't do my best on a test I just took in American Heritage. Which is lame because I studied for like an hour and a half before I took it. I was really angry. But, the average was like a 69. So, I think it is the tests fault personally. Also, I know i'm not doing the worst in the class which is not as reassuring as it should be. I hate grades. I love school and I love learning but, I think some of the tests are just designed for people to do poorly on. Especially when they are in subjects you love... aka American Heritage (History/politics).

But, to better test grades and better weeks here is a collage of wonderful people. :) Taken last Sunday. Oh well, I'm trying to do better at this!! Festival of Color pictures up this week! Promise!!

Oh! And this is my cute outfit I wore the other day when it was SO sunny and so nice. Cute huh?!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post 2 for the day.

The. Chase. Giler's Birthday. Not just any birthday... his 22nd Birthday. We celebrated it the way all birthday's should be celebrated.... with some of our favorite people. We drove up Friday night and went out to eat in Ogden. Cafe Rio. It was my first experience there... I prefer Costa Vida. Chase prefers Qdoba. Haha

Then we met up with our WoNdeRFuL Aunt B. :) The two of us sang to Chase and watched as he opened his presents. It was good to be with them. It was a much needed break from the chaos, confusion of stress that Provo and BYU seem to tag along.

I took pictures as he opened each gift. But, he's a goof head so not all of them turned out... good for the public eye. So, here is a collection of the better ones.

Eating. And opening the long awaited box of gifts!

His birthday Cupcake! (Our favorite muffins ever!)

Mom and Dad's letters.

Dad's... on Gexpro stationary.

Mom's covered... so no one can read it. 

Sad day.

Smaller posts... Ok. Let's see..

I borrowed Mariss's camera this weekend to take pictures of Chase's birthday/gift unwrapping for my Mom to see...

My camera is messed up. What is the deal? UGGHHHH.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because You Asked So Nicely... :)

My Mom is my biggest fan. Hands down. And I appreciate her influence in my life more than she realizes.

This blog is for her. This post especially (after an email hinting at how long it's been) is for her. I don't have much to write. I guess I kinda do. I will start I dunno with every aspect of my life as of lately. 

Apartments... I love my new apartment. I love my new room. I love my new roommates. I especially love my new location. It's not as close as Harris was. But, it's nice and it's the sun. I loved sitting in the sun on Sunday and I loved going to the park with some of my super awesome friends.

Wards... I love my new Ward. I love everything about my new ward. I love the people. I love my Bishop especially. I love my calling. I just love it. I am upset/sad it didn't happen last semester. But, I guess there are people I would've been even sadder about not meeting. Like Nikole. And Lewis. And Jenna. 

Nikole. She doesn't live here technically. But, lately she always comes over. And you know what. It's not like a weird she comes over. It's like... an expected? Like she belongs here. She meshes so well with our new friends that it's like it was meant to be. She is truly missed when she is not here and truly loved when she is around with me. We've taken up tanning together. And even if it is only like 30 min a day. Sometimes, they are the best/funnest/funniest 30 minutes of my day.

Lewis. I don't see much of him anymore. Which is sad. But, he got his mission call to Houston, Texas East Mission... Spanish speaking. And he was so excited. And i'm so proud of him. Weird how I am proud of these boys. I love them. And watching their excitement as they open their calls. 

Jenna. My new roommate. Well, not NEW new. But new this semester. We have fun cleaning, laughing, joking, reading and cooking. It always seems to be some sort of adventure. Whether it's inventing a new recipe or wandering around at odd hours in the morning it really is always fun. 

School. Or stress as I like to call it. The social life is wonderful. It really is. The school work is stressing me out. I think it's because my day is so spread out. Last semester I had my classes one right after the other. This semester I have far too many breaks in which it's near impossible to get anything done... because by the time I've sat down to work.... I only have 30 min before I have to get up for class. I usually call my Mom or Grams instead. 

Let's see... Chase. Oh how I truly love him. He has been one of my biggest blessing both semesters. He is my best friend. I feel like I really can tell him anything. And while he's willing to joke around about it... he's there when I need him. I have gotten closer with him this past year than in any year previous. He is a shining example to me. I love his humor. I love our car rides. I love his kindness and his sweet smile. I love that ALL (and I mean all) of my friends love him. Really. Will, Jenna and Nikole are always telling me how much they like him. And really... what's not to like? He is the epitome of an awesome guy. The definition of a great friend. He can do very little wrong in my eyes. Both good and bad. No one laughs at his jokes like I do. And no one appreciates his witty texts and lunch time conversations like me. I love him. I will miss him this summer that I can promise. 

I guess it only seems fair to include Will in this post. Will... how do you describe him? He is sweet, cute, funny, willing to do kind things, thoughtful, shy with his own hint of awkward that somehow works for him, one of the best listeners i've ever met and really a very good guy. He says things (to my face... which in this day and age is a BIG deal... thank you technology) that really and truly no other guy has said. I know how it feels to get a sweet or cute text... but when he says it... it's sincere. Today... he walked down to Provo Rec Center to meet me after my lifeguarding class at 9pm. Just to walk me home. He smiles when I talk about my family and I know I talk about them too much. And he remembers what I say about them. He asks about them. And carries conversations as if he already knows them. Because I guess... he kind of does. He is such an interesting guy... I'm just sad I got to know him this semester because it would definitely take more than a semester to figure him out. In a very good way.

Luke. Luke is like the nicest guy. He is big and buff but he really is super sweet. He jokes around a lot and has this way of talking about things that are so elementary but are so profound. If that makes sense. Like he has so many good questions that lead to such good conversations. He is such a good guy. I really love talking and being around him... because he is genuinely a really good and interesting guy. 

Ben is a goof head. But Ben is sweet too. How Will, Luke and Ben all became roommates is more than just chance/coincidence. Ben is an awesome guy. He is fun and funny and puts up with me when I need help with my stats. Ha. He is patient and just an overall really really amazing guy. 

Finally... Ana. My next door neighbor. The girl who is so cute and so easy to talk to. The girl I've gotten so close with in such a short amount of time. She is crazy. She is fun to be around. She is there when you need someone to listen and she is kind and quick to love. I really like Ana and consider myself lucky to have met her. Really. 

I love this semester. I love these people. I love my ward. I love my Family. I love my FHE brothers. I love this semester. Things have turned around. And it seems too late. It seems like this is the last semester I wanted. It's not fair it happened so late. And it's not fair that it happened. I have had a semester for the books. And I owe it not to myself. I owe it to the people I've met. And the influence/example they've set for me. I love you guys. All of you. 

And now for the best part... the pictures. :) The majority of these are taken from Sunday's rendezvous in the beautifully wonderful sunshine. Oh how I love good weather. 
Roomies. :)
I have nothing to say.
Except that he loves to ruin a picture. Ha.
Ana didn't come play in the sun. So this is the
most recent picture I have of her. Oops. Sorry Ana. Haa!
Nikki and Jenna. :)
The boys. Will, Ben Luke.
Such Children. Ha. :)
I thought i'd include an action shot of each of the boys.
This is Luke. Strong huh? 
The boys. 
We are SO cute?! ;)
Ben's action shot. :)
I dunno. I think it looks especially cool.
My photography. Ha. 
Will's action shot. :)
This was Jenna, Me Nikole. Making a cute shadow
heart thing. Then will came and stood behind me.
Making it a really fat woman standing under a heart. Haha.
Gotta love them. Luke, holding Ben, holding Will. Who just so
happens to be doing a super cool one legged pose in Ben's hand. 
Nikole nicknamed this... Girl power. ha. 
Nikole and her really good acting skills. I'm convinced. 
Me and William. He's so cute. :)
Again. :) My eyes look cool huh?
Nikki and Jenna. Again with the face. Hahaha.
I love them. 
The girls combined action shot. 
My action shot. Cool huh? It gets better. I promise. I even got up there all by myself...
Without Luke's help. :) Just kidding. 
I always was meant to be a star. ;)
A good way to end right? Such a beautiful and pretty day. Life is good.